Camp 4…!

They have now arrived at camp 4. We have just spoken to Edurne and she told us that they had reached their destination. However, she told us that they arrived at 13:15!!! Apparently radio communication is not possible at the moment, perhaps due to the clouds that we have here at base camp.

They made their ascent comfortably and without any problems, doing it in good time as always. The four of them went up together, following the path marked out by Pasang and Mingma who had gone ahead to start getting camp 4 ready. They told us that they have passed many people who are on their way down.
Once they had made it to camp 4, two of them took charge of melting snow whilst the other two finished setting up camp. Once they had had something to eat and drink and were inside the tents, they called us via the “Thuraya” (satellite phone) to tell us everything.
They told us that medically they are all fine, with the exception of Asier and his upset stomach. I am sure that he knows what he has to do.
The wind is getting up, just as the forecast predicted. They will now stay in the tent, resting as much as possible and waiting for the right time to set off on the final charge.The plan is to set off at 22:00, and we will be on alert throughout the night, waiting to see how they progress and keeping you up to date with any developments.

They are now at an altitude of 7950m – it is almost an “eight-thousander”, there is only one more left…!


Pablo Díaz-Munio

Expedition Doctor for the 14+1 Challenge