Spanish “Cumbres”, swiss glaciers and children from the Himalayas

May 12

I am writing this from Nepal, a country that has given me so much and to which I am now trying to give back as much as I can in return. This time I’m not here to climb any mountains, but rather to collaborate with the Edurne Pasaban Mountaineers for the Himalayas Foundation, which works to provide a better future for the children living in these mountains. But I’ll talk more about that in my next post…Patrulla de los Glaciares

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New “Cumbres” and new friends

Oct 29

Bit by bit, we are filming the episodes of Cumbres. I have had the chance to film 6 of them already. I have had very different guests; writers, singers, athletes and even models. All of them have given me the chance to learn a lot, each and every one of them have given me something.



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Shall we discover “Cumbres” together?

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Jun 25

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