Well, I am in good spirits. Today I went to the base camp on Pumori, as I told you, to do some trekking and the view from up there is incredible. You can see the whole route to Everest right up to the top. It is a really, really beautiful place. It was just what I needed to establish exactly what kind of shape I am in after a few days with a sore throat, and to be honest I felt really good. I am happy.

I managed to get up there and I met a guy from Santo Domingo, another from Switzerland and a Nepalese guy. It was funny. The four of us started talking whilst we were looking at Everest, Lhotse and Nutse and it was as if we were looking at a model. It was spectacular. It is an amazing gift to be able to stand up there with people from such different countries. I came back and on passing through base camp on Pumori I ran into my guys: Asier, Nacho and Ferrán as they had set out a little bit later. When they had seen me in the morning I appeared a little off colour, because I wasn’t feeling a hundred per cent, so they left me alone but later on they were waiting for me and watching out for me. They are incredible! I honestly love them loads.

We ran back down to base camp because it was late and lunch is at one o’clock. On the way we met Doctor Morandeira and Doctor María Antonia Nerin who have just arrived at base camp on Everest. It was really exciting! We had been waiting for them. They have been in the Kumbu valley treating an awful lot of people and even performing operations. They are charming. They have come with a film crew because they want to make a film about medicine at high altitudes.

As soon as we arrived at base camp we found out that we had a leaders meeting. Yet another one to prepare the last part of the mountain. The meeting was at 2 pm so I ate quickly and went up to the meeting together with Migueltxo and Jorge . We arrived a little late and they had already started so I stayed in the entrance to listen. I really didn’t have much to say. Yet again they have forbidden us to film and so Migueltxo and Jorge were angry, more than anything because nobody can tell us why. You are simply not allowed to film. I don’t know if there is something that they want to hide, although I don’t think so. All the sherpas have apparently been equipped up to the yellow flags at 7700 metres and they want everything to be prepared before the 30th on the south col, in the last camp at 8000 metres. Then they want all the gear necessary to begin to prepare up to the summit to be on the south col by the 5th of May. I am not sure that this is going to be possible if the weather forecasts turn out to be accurate, but this is what they want to do. Today not all the expeditions went to the meeting, or at least that’s what they said as I was listening. I have told them that we will help as much as we can but that we are not going at the same rhythm as they are, and that we cannot do a lot. They more or less understand it and than have said that they will tell us how we can contribute. To be honest I am not too clear about things, but we have offered our help.

As you can see, people are doing things very, very quickly whereas we are taking things bit by bit. Tomorrow I’ll tell you whether or not it snows tonight as forecast, or what is happening as I still don’t know how things are going to turn out. It is still very cold, which isn’t normal for this time of year.