I haven’t written anything in the blog for quite some time. I have literally not stopped during the last few weeks: conferences, coaching for managers and task forces, interviews, lessons at the IE Business School, filming new episodes for “Cumbres” on TVE2, one trip after another. Besides all this, I am deeply involved in my new project I have already told you about, Kabi.


 I am writing these lines from a restaurant in Madrid, where I am having dinner by myself and I am thinking about time, my time. That is why I want to talk about how important time management is and how to manage it efficiently in this post. I work on this subject as a speaker, coach and lecturer and I must admit that sometimes, I lose the battle. It happens to all of us while we are working, responsibilities and even social commitments fill our schedule. This tight agenda makes us live in a “non stop” and “no time left for the important things” dynamic. Finally, it seems that time flies and we can’t control it. However, as the old saying establishes, time is money and that money can be managed.


 1. Define your vision and establish objectives. It is important to identify our vision. Where do we want to get or what is exactly what we want to do or achieve? Without a vision, we will get lost on the way.

 In 2007, after climbing nine of the eight thousands of the planet, I decided I wanted to finish the fourteen. I defined my vision; I turned my dream in my vision, that thing I wanted to pursue, the idea I wanted to fight for. I designed the road I had to follow to catch my vision, breaking it down into different steps: my objectives.

 After finishing the fourteen eight thousands in 2010, and after trying to climb the Everest without artificial oxygen in 2011 and not achieving it I made myself the following question: “Edurne, where do you want to get now? What do you want to do?” I took my time to think about it and sincerely find the answers in me. My restlessness made me dream high again. I finally found what I was most passionate about and found my new vision: Kabi, a new professional challenge where I can combine my two passions, mountain sports and my love for the Basque Country and the Pyrenees, very important in my life. Once again, I had identified my vision and I have set my new objectives to achieve it.


 2. Planning and Prioritizing. Even when our vision is crystal clear, daily craziness makes as lose the sight of our goal. On Saturday, we open the new office of Kabi in Vielha, Val D’Aran, and you can imagine how busy the whole team is. As the team leader, I have had to plan the different tasks and things to do, then prioritize, decide what is important and what is not. Not confusing urgent with important is one of the main keys; important things are the ones that help us achieve our goals. Urgent matters are related to the time factor. This is why is so necessary to work under a well thought planning, so that we maximize our time.

 The same applies to the personal area of our lives. It is important to work but, that is not all. We need to take time for ourselves, indulge ourselves, spent time with our family and friends and do things that make us happy which would be sports for me.


 3. Saying no and delegating. These are most of the time very difficult. On the one hand, if we prioritize according to our objectives, personal or professional, we will have to say no to certain things because we cannot reach everything and we cannot be everywhere. Time is limited, and it is money.

 I will keep you informed about it but I am working on something that needs me to take time to train on ski mountaineering. That is why I have planned to train at least one hour every day, I am putting things aside, I am saying no.

 As for delegating, I believe you understand me easily, I imagine most of you want to do all by yourselves. I sometimes realize that I try to do everything and I later understand that this is not always necessary as I have the greatest team with me. We believe that we can manage everything and that nobody can do things better than us. However, as I have stated above, we cannot always reach everything because our time is limited. Learning to delegate is extremely important, on a team member or collaborating with people that are very capable on their field. The need to form a good team will become the subject of another post, a group of motivated and competent professionals ready to reach a shared vision.

 I hope this post is helpful. I challenge you to implement these guidelines. I have just done that in the last few days and I must say I am really thrilled; they have helped me to feel I have taken control of my time. I am certain I am on the right track to achieve my dreams.