They are back “home”!

We went to meet them at the Icefall, taking something special to drink. They made it back safe and sound, in good spirits and looking very cheerful. The guys who you can tell have had a rough time are the Sherpas.

However, they don’t look too bad seeing as I think that we all appreciate that these things happen in the mountains.

The fact is that they are now all cosily having something to eat in the kitchen tent.

They seem relaxed, and are telling us about the thousand and one things that have happened to them. I am doing likewise, because we have also lived though it all from down here.

Now it is turn to rest.

After dinner we are all bound to want to get into our sleeping bags early, the whole lot of us, since none of us practically slept a wink last night.

Tomorrow will be another day, with news of its own, but the guys will be more rested and calm.

It will be time to decide what we do next.

Pablo Díaz-Munio

Expedition Doctor for the 14+1 Challenge