A momentous coming together of mountaineering and adventure in the Val d’Aran
Few meetings in this country will have brought together so many interesting people from the world of mountaineering and adventure in such a short space of time as this first edition of the European Mountain Meeting.

 This first edition of the EMMeet, which was held in the Val d’Aran and lasted for four days, was attended by over two thousand people who participated in the activities arranged by the organisers.

The list of attendees was very long, but more importantly the event brought together experts from such varied pursuits as mountaineering, base jumping, climbing, mountain medicine, and slacklining. So many specialists from so many different fields made the European Mountain Meeting an extremely interesting event for all those who attended. Moreover, the program could not have been more intense: excursions to the mountains with some of the experts who were attending, a unique opportunity to trek through the mountains in the Val d’Aran, not to mention the opportunity to be able to swap ideas with some of the top people involved in mountaineering and mountain pursuits.

In addition, in the afternoons there were conferences, film presentations and, for the younger and more active participants, the opportunity to have a go at Bouldering. Those who wanted to try this pursuit were able to participate in a Bouldering competition which was held in the sports hall in Vielha and run by the Aran Mountain Club.

Experts in base jumping could also try jumping from a helicopter, thus sharing their sport with the watching public in el Pla de Verte. This was undoubtedly one of the most impressive activities that took place over the course of the meet.

The event was attended by names from the world of mountaineering such as Simone Moro, Denis Urubko, Edurne Pasaban, Sebastián Álvaro, Asier Izaguirre, Alex Txikon and even Juan Vallejo, recently back from Nuptse and who also dropped in. Also present were the climbers Nacho Sánchez, Manu Córdova, Leo Houlding and Carlos Suarez. There were also ski racers and tourers such as Iker Karrera and Mireia Miró, experts in base jumping such as Chris “Douggs” McDougall, Darío Barrio, in addition to the Alas team made up by Álvaro Bultó, Santi Corella and Toni López (plus Leo Houlding and Carlos Suárez who have already been mentioned). There were also top people from the world of Slacklining such as Ezequiel Troncoso.

Unfortunately Alex Txikon, who helped to organise the event, was unable to take part due to an accident that he suffered while bungee jumping the day before the meet was due to start.