Forgive me for not writing anything until today. We got back to base camp yesterday, I had something to eat and went to bed. I got up to have dinner, and went straight back to bed. I was exhausted. Yesterday at five in the morning Asier woke me up at camp 3, telling me that he hadn’t slept. I can remember being half asleep at around two in the morning and Asier being very angry and asking me if I had a sleeping tablet. He couldn’t sleep! He didn’t have a headache and he wasn’t even nervous. I don’t know what was the matter with him. Later, during our descent, he could see me alongside him still half asleep and I think that this annoyed him even more. Ha! Ha! Ha! The fact is that at five in the morning, at first light, he was already driving us mad and in no time at all we had already got dressed, rolled up our sleeping bags and we had our crampons on ready to begin our return to base camp.

It was really, really cold and when we began our descent towards camp 2 we ran into a long line of people going in the opposite direction. Some of them were going to camp 3 and others to camp 4 with the intention of attacking the summit. The fact that some people are already going up to the top made us feel a little bit envious, but we also know that our turn will come. We made it back down to camp 2 in less than an hour. The journey is pretty much problem free because the Lhotse face is well equipped with ropes in both directions: one for ascending, which everyone was doing, and another for descending, along which we were abseiling. From time to time we even stopped to say hello to people that we knew and wish them luck.

When we arrived at camp 2 the Sherpas were still asleep, but Nati got up straight away to make coffee. The scene which greeted us was a sight to remember: our two tents have been erected on top of a river. We had not realised this until now, as everything was covered in snow, but now the snow has started melting with the heat and the water has appeared. Our tents are like a swimming pool, and it is a problem that we will have to sort out over the next few days. As we had arrived very early, we couldn’t move everything because it was all frozen. It has to be done when the sun is beating down hard. As a result, we all decided to come back down to base camp to be more comfortable. We packed up and set off quickly.

Having passed camp 1 we got caught in all the heat on the ice fall. From there we contacted base camp by radio so that they could come and meet us at the entrance to the icefall with something to drink, seeing as we were all dehydrated. We were in luck, as when we arrived they were all there waiting for us with water and Coke. You can’t imagine how good it tasted! And it tastes even better if your friends are there to welcome you like this.

As I told you , yesterday I couldn’t do much apart from eat and sleep. I also rang my mum, who is always worried. Today has been different, but also a little strange as the weather has not been too good. We are all in our tents and I think that we all need a bit of rest. Pablo has had a look at all of us, and we all seem fine. We are well acclimatised and this gives you peace of mind as it is a job well done. Now we have to wait for some good weather so that we can begin our ascent.

Love to all