I’m a restless person, always looking for new challenges and ways to test myself. The road of life is a long run, and I try to enjoy it and take the most of each stretch. My adventures have taken me to real paradises in the most remote places on the planet. I have had the chance to enjoy the magnificent view from the peak of the world and, that is where I let my imagination run free and set my next challenge. From the Himalayas to Greenland I have enjoyed indescribable marvels, but always carrying my homeland in my heart. 


Our traveller spirit always takes us to the most beautiful places that Nature offers in the most hidden places on Earth. We want to walk through unspoiled and forgotten wilderness in order to get an unforgettable experience. However, after years of going all over the world, I have realized that we can savour those experiences not that far away from home. It’s impossible to count all the amazing spots in the Basque Country and the Pyrenees, and often not even the locals know them. We are searching miles away for something that without knowing is much closer to us then we realize.


The Basque Country is my home, and I learnt to love the mountains in the Pyrenees. No matter how far I travel, I always leave a piece of my heart here. That is why I want to show the world this hidden treasure. Kabi is born in this context, this is my new challenge.   


Kabi is the window I wanted to open to show the Basque Country and the Pyrenees to the world. I want to share my passion for these places where I grew up and became the mountain climber I am today. Kabi is K-2 in Basque, the mountain that is always with me, it is my logo and has also become Kabi’s. But, Kabi means nest too, my place, my site, and a place where I will always return too. Kabi is a business that offers active tourism experiences both in the Basque Country and the Pyrenees; I want to show you that there is a lot to discover here. With the adventurer we all have inside us, we can find real jewels to show the world.


This is a huge endeavour, and nothing better than getting a team as restless and adventurous as me to develop it. Sharing a passion for adventure, sports, the mountains and mostly the Basque Country and the Pyrenees, we want to pass on this feeling. I invite you to visit us on Kabi Travels and start discovering what this land offers or, why not, rediscover it if you have already been here.

Kabi is the place where dreams become travels.