We are going to continue our ascent. At last it seems that the time has come! The weather is not very stable, but I think that it will hold out so that we can make it to camp two. Our intention is to spend at least three nights at camp two, and then make it to camp three so we can put the tents up. First thing tomorrow we will head directly for camp two, which is situated at 6400 metres.

We will collect all the material that we took up last week and then continue towards our objective.  As I was saying, we intend to spend three nights at 6400 metres and then carry on up to camp 3, which is at 7400 metres, in order to set up the platforms and put up a couple of tents.  The camp is situated on the Lhotse face and there is apparently a lot of ice there.  It won’t be that easy to put the tents up and so we will have to break the ice and do a little digging. 

Everybody is feeling fine and is really up for it.  Asier, who is feeling better, will go with us tomorrow and the day after tomorrow the sherpas Jambu, Migma and Passan will head  up.  The sherpas are not too keen on sleeping at altitude and so they will get there a day later than us.  We will then immediately set off towards camp 3.

Today has been relaxed.  It has snowed a little, but not too much, and we have used the time to eat, sleep and do a bit of filming.  At around 11 this morning I stopped by the kitchen and asked Nati what he was going to make for lunch.  He told me that he was preparing chickpeas, and to be honest they do them very well.  The sherpas were already eating and I sat down with them.  They let me try what they were having – champa with a spicy sauce – and I have to admit that I am getting to like Nepalese food more and more.  I remember that when I started coming to this region I didn’t like spicy food, but now I can’t eat Nepalese food unless it is spicy.  I love it, but not too spicy as these guys sometimes go over the top.  Sometimes they you can see them actually sweating when they eat.  They love it.

After lunch we had a lovely siesta and then we started preparing all the gear for tomorrow: a little food and some goodies to enjoy whist we are up there.
I am writing these few lines to you having had dinner.  Earlier on I went outside to see what the weather was like.  The sky is full of stars.  Fantastic! Tomorrow will be a good day and I will let you all know how difficult it has been to reach camp 2 and how we are getting on.