Bit by bit, we are filming the episodes of Cumbres. I have had the chance to film 6 of them already. I have had very different guests; writers, singers, athletes and even models. All of them have given me the chance to learn a lot, each and every one of them have given me something.



Last Friday, I came back from my last filming trip at the Pedriza with Lucrecia. Two days in the rain but always with a smile and a good mood. Lucrecia was born in Cuba and although she has been living here for a while, I believe she prefers warmer spots. But she gets used to everything perfectly. However, she asked Guzmán, the keeper of the shelter, to light the fire in the chimney a few times. 


She carries so much positivity, and will to live. She is well known for many different things but maybe, the most recognized one for us is the kid’s show “Los Lunnis” on TVE. But, Lucrecia is much more than that: a famous singer, writer, actress and… now a bigger mountaineer.


Through these months of filming I have had the chance to listen to Kiko Veneno sing at the peak of Mulhacen, see Judith Mascó walk with crampons and not high-heels; for your information, she is much more capable with crampons than me with high-heels. Judith is much more experienced in mountaineering than what we expected. We tend to judge people to soon, don’t we? Can you picture Gemma Mengual climbing the Pedraforca? Yes, se adapts to the rocks as well as to the water. Who has a short-story written by Espido Freire on the summit of a mountain? Or, who has had the chance to listen to Javier Sierra talk about UFOs under the stars? We, the team of “Cumbres” are lucky to be able to live these experiences.


This programme has given me much more than what I expected. I have the chance to get to know and befriend these people that we have seen many times on TV and seem to be distant and very different from us.



Sometimes, the media, the press and the stage make us build an image or a thought about these people that makes us idealize them. However, when you meet, live together and share with them two days, you realize that we are all the same. They are people that sometimes have taken very different paths from  ours but,  like everybody else, they are filled with emotion. The mountain truly helps to have the chance to meet all of them, because on the mountains, people tend to behave at their purest.


Today we are filming the next programme and we will be able to tell you the showing date of this adventure and life experience very soon. I believe you will like it, the whole crew and myself have put a lot of passion making it. We want to make it as good as possible for you to enjoy it.