At last we our going up to the top. The day when we set off for the summit of Everest has arrived. So just how are we feeling? Well, the truth is that physically we are all very well; or so Pablo our Doctor says. We are really, really nervous… overly nervous, but that’s normal. I can see that we are all nervous, myself included, but I think that because we have done everything properly things will work out fine for us.

This morning, after breakfast, we all went to our respective tents to get our stuff ready. In actual fact, pretty much everything has already been taken further up the mountain, but it was just the little things that were left: the flags for the summit, new socks for the summit, batteries for our headlamps … and those little things that each of us has in our tents and that we put into our rucksacks so that we can take them to the highest peak in the world. We all have our own little things that we take: a doll, a photo… personal, intimate stuff.

Tomorrow we are setting off for camp two early, because we want to get there quickly in order to rest. On Thursday we will go from camp two to camp three. It is not a long journey, but you can really feel the difference in altitude. The day that we are going to camp three, the Sherpas will leave base camp for camp two, seeing as they refuse to sleep at camp three because they don’t like it at all. I can see why: the less time that you sleep at altitude the better. They will go directly from camp two to camp four, on the South Col. They really are amazing. I would like to be capable of doing this myself so as not to have to sleep at camp three, but there are very few people who are capable of doing this, and our Sherpas belong to this select group. Thus we will all meet up on the way from camp three to camp four and we will all arrive at the South Col together, at an altitude of almost 8000 metres. Here we will set up our final camp. By my calculations, we will get there at around 3 in the afternoon. We will get settled in our tents as best we can and will be there for a while. You can’t really say that we will get any sleep. We are intending to set off for the summit at 11 at night. The first few hours won’t be the hardest part. I reckon that the toughest time will be when it starts to get light, because that is when it is the coldest. Moreover, that will be when we are in between the balcony and the South summit. This will be the most critical moment, when we will have to bear the cold and be strong, above all mentally. We have heard that at around 7 in the morning at the South Summit the sun beats down and this will help us a lot. After the South Summit we will still have to climb the ridge that leads to the Hilary Step, and from there keep going up to the summit. I reckon that it will take about 45 minutes. If all goes well we will be able to reach the summit of Everest.

As you can see, we still have a lot of work to do. It will take us five days in all to go up to the top and come back down, but as soon as we set off tomorrow for the summit it will all go very quickly. I know this from experience. How am I doing? As I was saying, I am nervous, very nervous, but that’s normal. I am also afraid. Why shouldn’t I tell you the truth, that I am afraid? I am afraid of the mountain, I am afraid of the cold, of not being able to stand the cold, I am afraid of getting frostbite – that is what I am most afraid of. I can’t see anything else presenting much of a problem. I will try and stay calm and keep myself as hydrated as possible. Drink, drink, drink – that’s the key.

Over the next few days whilst we are up top, Pablo will keep you informed about how everything is going. He will also keep you up to date with our news every day. I really feel that we make a great team: We are all really excited and keen to reach the summit of Everest without oxygen, and this is what we are going to attempt to do. We are doing it primarily for ourselves, but of course we are also doing it for you, for all those of you who are following our expedition and sending us your messages of support. Let’s enjoy it.

Love to you all