Last 23 rd. of March the second edition of the charity dinner SolidARAN was held in the Hotel AC Baqueira Ski Resort and some of the funds raised will go to the Mountaineers for the Himalayas Foundation.

All the organization and me are very pleased with all the support given by all the participants. I will like to underline all the support of the people of the Aran Valley who came to the dinner. Thanks to the work of EVALIA, company in charge of the organization of events in the Aran Valley and to Keith Kirwen the participation of the people of the Aran Valley has been amazing this year. They have transmitted us a lot of affection and support in this project during all the year, collecting clothes, contributing financially and participating in all the events we have organised during all the year. Thanks to all.

Also my good friend of expedition Alex Txikon and Alvaro Bulto an amateur of the Aran Valley and a great collaborator in all the projets that organise SolidARAN participated in the dinner.

During all the dinner we had loads of surprises and the attendees of the dinner I think had a really good time. We could try the aperitif cooked by Mohamed Isaaq. We also enjoyed with the performance of the soprano Elena Barbe and Leire Egiarte playing the piano, which was really amazing. At the end of the dinner, Mel Seme made everyone danse with his warm voice and his pieces with a touch of Caribbean character. And the night ended with the party of the DJ Ima&Igor. 

As you can see it was a magical night for me and for all the members of the Foundation when you see how all these people support you and collaborate in a project such as this one, and then you realise that what you are doing is worth it. A lot of people collaborated that night: the Hotel AC Baqueira Ski Resort, Cava Beso, Torisme Val d’Aran, Hotel Mauerme. And our great photographer Gorka Martínez who immortalize the moment.

All together for the cause so that our boys and girls in Nepal can have an education and can go to the school and to the university.

I want to thank you those who attended the dinner from the part of these children. Thanks to people like you we will continue to help in children education. And to those who could not assist, I want to encourage you to come next year. SolidARAN, the Mountaineers for the Himalayas Foundation and all of us invite us. This charity dinner is growing little by little thanks to you all.