First phase completed without any problems! By 5:30 this morning we were already having a cup of tea with the Sherpas in the kitchen tent. The guys seemed less nervous today than they usually do on any other morning when they are going climbing. They had smiles on their faces and seemed keen to go into action, which is what motivates them the most.

At 6 am, after the “Puja” ceremony, they set off and just six and a half hours later they had reached camp 2. They did it in excellent time, bearing in mind how long it takes other expeditions to do this, plus the fact that our spot at camp 2 is at the highest point of that great “village”.

Ngati, who had gone on ahead, was waiting for them with ‘Russian Salad’ and yoghurt. Being able to enjoy a camp 2 like ours is a real advantage as it is far more comfortable than they usually are. It will also help us to ensure that these guys get a decent meal tonight and also have a good breakfast tomorrow. I have ordered rice, “dal bhat”…, and they will definitely pay attention to me this time because Ngati know that Edurne loves it. They just have to remember not to make it too spicy, as Asier and Nacho have delicate stomachs.

As regards the weather, the team told us that it was a bit windy but that the wind was now dying down. This is exactly what the forecast predicted, so there is no need to worry. If everything goes as expected the wind should start to die down, and tomorrow it should all but disappear to be replaced by snow. Here’s hoping we don’t get too much snow.

Everyone is in goods spirits, everyone is doing well and their nerves are all under control… it is all going perfectly! Now it is time to rest. The time to begin the second phase is upon us, the phase which will take them to camp 3. Just how well they do their homework now will have a considerable bearing on just how well things go tomorrow. They need to reach camp 3 before the snow has had the opportunity to cause them too many problems on the way.

We are now 1000m closer…!

Pablo Díaz-Munio

Expedition Doctor for the 14+1 Challenge