Time is money

Dec 05

I haven’t written anything in the blog for quite some time. I have literally not stopped during the last few weeks: conferences, coaching for managers and task forces, interviews, lessons at the IE Business School, filming new episodes for “Cumbres” on TVE2, one trip after another. Besides all this, I am deeply involved in my new project I have already told you about, Kabi.


 I am writing these lines from a restaurant in Madrid, where I am having dinner by myself and I am thinking about time, my time. That is why I want to talk about how important time management is and how to manage it efficiently in this post. I work on this subject as a speaker, coach and lecturer and I must admit that sometimes, I lose the battle. It happens to all of us while we are working, responsibilities and even social commitments fill our schedule. This tight agenda makes us live in a “non stop” and “no time left for the important things” dynamic. Finally, it seems that time flies and we can’t control it. However, as the old saying establishes, time is money and that money can be managed.

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My new challenge, Kabi takes off

Oct 16

I’m a restless person, always looking for new challenges and ways to test myself. The road of life is a long run, and I try to enjoy it and take the most of each stretch. My adventures have taken me to real paradises in the most remote places on the planet. I have had the chance to enjoy the magnificent view from the peak of the world and, that is where I let my imagination run free and set my next challenge. From the Himalayas to Greenland I have enjoyed indescribable marvels, but always carrying my homeland in my heart. 


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