I have dreamt of the mountains again in these five days of ski touring in the Glaciers of the Alps.

During these days I have enjoyed in the Swiss Alps. After five days we finished the high route” Imperiale”, a route that goes by one of the most amazing landscapes in the Alps and near the four most amazing thousanders

I started the route Sunday the 31 st March in St. Luc together with four friends. The first stage lead us to the Turtmannhüte shelter at 2519 m, a long stage which we started descending  and we finished climbing to the shelter at nearly 800 meters of slope, a stage not very complicated but a long one. The second day our goal was to reach the Tracuit cabin at 3256 meters, a spectacular place such as all of them. A shelter placed on the ridge where the views were amazing. The third day our objective was to do the Bishorn 4153m, a four- thousander very classic in that area, but with good atmosphere and for some of the members of the team the first four-thousander therefore the excitement in the summit and the emotion were fantastic. From the Bishorn Summit we descended to the D´Arpiettaz cabin 2786 m, a small refuge. Here we had one of the most excitement surprises of the journey, they have told us that this refuge was not inhabited, but when we were reaching the refuge,  a nice smell of chimney  welcomed us, a big surprise for us, in the refuge there was a very nice couple who welcomed us with a big smile and you can imagine how was our smile. To find yourself in a warm place, when you do not expect it, after a long journey is one of those small gifts that in the mountain you appreciate the most.
The forth stage of the journey was one of the most difficult and one of the most technique ones, because you have to cross a very complicate glacier to reach the hill that leads you to the Blanc of Moming summit at 3657 m, but this was not the most difficult stage the most difficult one came after , we had to cross a ridge of 400 meters high in order to access the  descendt on the other side. A ridge that impress of 250 meters in each side. We were very lucky to find the ridge in perfect conditions and this help us to cross it, but this does not prevent us of being scared and also of having tension when we were crossing it. When you have more that 250 meters at each side and you depend on your colleague tied together by the same rope, on the stability of the snow and on yourself, there are a lot of things on your mind, but to keep calm and to be confident are the main key in these moments. To compensate for the effort we then had a very good snow when we descend to the Du GD Mountet 2886 m refuge. One of the best ski touring day I have ever had ended with a delicious pasta dish served with a good beer together with the emotions and comments of each of us.
To finish the journey the fifth day we climbed the Durnad hill, that day was the only day where the weather was not that nice as the other four days we had a wonderful weather. From the Durand hill we descend through a glacier until the village Zinal where these five days of spectacular journey ended.
Five days in the Alps with friends, enjoying our passion.