I haven’t written anything for a couple of days, not because nothing is happening here at base camp, but because my mind has been elsewhere. Today I practically tiptoed through the communications tent where Pablo and Ferrán were doing some writing. I did my writing quickly and then went straight to the kitchen where they were making ‘momo’ a very typical Nepalese dish. Momo is a type of small pasty filled with meat. Migma, Tensin and Karma were there cooking, and I joined them because I find cooking very relaxing. I talked to them and asked them if they also cook at home, or if their wives do the cooking. They told me that it is their wives who make the pasties. Karma is only 17; he has just finished school and has come on the expedition in order to learn. They have given him several classes and advised him on how to make ‘momos’ and I pulled his leg a bit. I told him that his girlfriend will love the way that he makes these pasties. He told me, all embarrassed, that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Today we had a ‘mass’ lunch. We took the cod out of the food store, Asier cooked it and we went to visit Willi and Damian Benegas’ expedition. Willi, Damian and their team: Matoco, Leo, Mara… prepared the appetiser, then they made pizza (which was great) and then we had the cod. For dessert we had cake with caramel spread and chocolate. We had a great time in the sun, and everyone was laughing. It was a really nice occasion, the type of occasion that you really enjoy at base camp. The funniest bit was getting the cod which we had cooked from where we are camped over to where they are. Our tents are the first ones that you come to and theirs are the last. We had to walk past all the other tents, which takes about twenty minutes, carrying the cooking pot and leaving behind a really nice aroma. Only we could do this. He!he!he!

Over the last few days the weather has changed considerably. Summer has apparently arrived, the rivers are now flowing through the camp and the glacier is melting. This is good news for us, as the temperature has risen a lot and this is just what we need. Let the warm weather begin so that we can climb Everest!

Talking of climbing, tomorrow (Monday) we are going up to camp 2. This time our aim is to spend the night at camp 3. Tomorrow we will go up to two, and the day after continue up to camp three in order to sleep there. We already know that spending the night at camp three, at 7300 metres, is not going to be easy. The headaches and the cold make it tough, but it will be the final step in our acclimatisation. On Wednesday, if everything goes according to plan, we will be be back at base camp by lunchtime.

Over the next few days we will keep you posted as regards how everything is going. We will be in contact with Pablo via the radio and he will let you know how our ascent up to camp three is progressing. I’ll also tell you stuff, communications permitting.