Today has been a sunny day at base camp, and we have used the time to get some washing done and smarten ourselves up a bit. I hadn’t done any washing since we arrived. Don’t get the wrong idea – this is why I brought three more barrels of gear than the others. I go a little bit over the top but it all gets used. The problem now will be getting it all dry. I reckon that it will take a couple of days.

At around eleven o´clock we prepared some elevenses and people from other expeditions came and joined us. We had a bit of everything: cuttlefish, sardines, cold meats … and a few bears, all under the beady eye of Pablo who controls us and keeps track of everything that we do. We even provided knives. It was a nice occasion; at this time of day the sun as at its most splendid and it is very pleasant being outside the meeting tents. 

We are camped, as I have told you, just next to the pathway and everyone who is trekking stops by. I don’t know why everyone comes over to see us, but it is great as you get to meet a lot of people from all over. Today some girls from San Francisco, California came to visit us. They were two really friendly girls who are doing some trekking. Meeting people like this is really great culturally.

The days go quickly at base camp, what with one thing and another. It is very pleasant if the weather is good like it has been today.
The sun is going down now and it’s cold. People usually go back to their tents to put their evening wear on, and what lovely evening wear it is! The last time that I put on evening wear back home to go to a party was a bit different to what I wear here. I’m now wearing some gigantic boots, pants and a quilted jacket. However, I bet that I will be far more comfortable in this than in the high-heels that I sometimes wear. They are really painful and I don’t know how to walk in them. I do like wearing them though, I won’t lie to you.