As I was telling you yesterday, we are making the most of the last few hours in Kathmandu and I can now write something a bit longer. It has been a long time since I felt so much like being in contact with civilisation! I am experiencing a whole range of feelings: tiredness, disappointment, sadness, but one feeling stands out above all the rest: I need some time for myself, to forget everything. I want to concentrate on myself, on going back home, and on my loved ones. I don’t want to talk, or think, or read anything else about everything that has happened over the last few days. It is all over now, and we can close the book on Everest for this year. Let’s put it back on the shelf of memories and maybe we will open it again next year. However, if we do we will begin afresh on some new pages in order to write a new story.

The last two days at base camp were strange. There was nothing left except for the last few expeditions, almost all of them commercial, who were packing up and Russell, the Benegas brothers and ourselves. It was as if we were all part of the same family and it was weird. Everything that had happened had brought us much closer together and when we were dismantling the base camp I had the sensation that everything was coming to an end and that I didn’t want it to; I didn’t want to leave these guys. It’s just like when we were adolescents and our parents used to send us to a camp – on the last day we used to cry because we were no longer going to be with our friends. It was the same feeling. We will see each other again, I have no doubt about that, but this was really something special.

We left base camp on the 27th and walked for three days until we reached Lukla. There we caught a flight to Kathmandu. Our descent was quick, long and arduous – whilst it took us a week to ascend, it only took us three days to descend. We gradually started to relax as we got closer to our destination, especially when we reached the point where the land is green, where we saw fields showing signs of life, trees, and we could actually smell nature all around us… This was when smiles began to appear on the faces of the team and I was able to relax much more. Everyone felt at ease, and believe it or not this is the moment when new projects are hatched, and when we begin to dream. It is amazing to think that before we arrived at Lukla to catch the plane to Kathmandu, we had already outlined projects for next year. Great stuff!!!!!!! This is our life, it is what we love doing, what makes us happy, and the reason why life is worth living and why we are excited about our next adventure. This passion that we feel is the reason why we will be back.

Now that we are in Kathmandu, and are feeling more relaxed, we have met up again with all our friends from base camp. It has been really great – yesterday we organised an Argentinian style roast dinner on the terrace of a hotel of some friends of ours. We had a really good time and everyone was there. Looking around you could see that everyone was having a great time because we were all at ease and enjoying the end of our adventure. It is amazing to be able to experience all these sensations in life.

Tomorrow afternoon we will finally catch the plane home, and as I told you, we will arrive back on Friday morning. Everest has finished for this year. The whole team want to thank you for supporting us. On this occasion we weren’t able to reach the summit, this can happen in mountaineering: sometimes you make it and sometimes you don’t. We have absolutely no excuses for not reaching the summit, we didn’t make it because it mustn’t have been our year. What is clear is that we will keep on training, dreaming, and if we can, climbing. This is what makes us happy and gives meaning to our lives!

Thanks to all those of you who have followed and supported us. And sorry to all those of you who don’t like what we do, but you can’t please everyone in this life. So, a big thank you to everyone.

With much love