Outdoor training

It offers individuals and teams the chance to understand and improve their performance. It makes them more successful as people and teams.

The Edurne Pasaban outdoor training programmes are tailored to each specific company. They normally last for one or two days and involve outdoor activities that promote, through practice and first-hand experience, changes in certain aspects of the behaviour of those taking part.

Away from the normal working environment, there are simulations of real life situations, challenges that they must overcome to achieve certain goals. They are situations that help people to gain a greater understanding of themselves, their colleagues and the group as a working team.

Her experience gained over many years of leading different high performance teams in the mountain and her training as a Coach at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid allow Edurne Pasaban to help improve the personal and professional performance of working teams in companies.

Improve motivation and the results of your team: Request your programmeOutdoor Training

What are the benefits?

It is sometimes difficult to recognise the shortcomings and weaknesses of the individual, or it is difficult for us to recognise them in ourselves. The activities in the Edurne Pasaban outdoor training programme help to remove this type of uncertainty so that we can achieve the desired business, professional and personal targets.

  • A shared vision, taken-on and "lived" by the team. She fosters cohesive attitudes in working teams, improving personal and professional relationships.

  • The team is strengthened through working together using their individual skills, valuing diversity and recognizing their vulnerability. The team gains in confidence and the overall business results are maximised.

  • Increasing personal motivation to achieve the goals of the entire company.

  • Strengthening flexible behaviour and empathy in work teams.

  • Developing free-flowing and receptive communication between all members of the team.

  • Improving interpersonal communication at various levels, along with cooperation and teamwork.

  • Encouraging attitudes that promote leadership by example across the entire organisation.

  • Inspiring a culture of improvement and learning.

We improve interpersonal relationships, helping people in a group to define themselves as a team.

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