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we fund elementary education projects for children from the Himalayas

The Kailash Hostel is currently responsible for the education of 97 children, of which 83 live in the Hostel (37 boys and 46 girls) and 14 live out with tutors on having started the second stage of their education. In 2009, the first boy at the Kailash Hostel, Ang Kami Lama, started studying at university.

Each student is supported by a sponsor who undertakes to finance their education for 6 years, with the option of a second additional period of a further 6 years.

Sponsor now

In 2002, Edurne Pasaban Mountaineers for the Himalayas started out on its Kailash Hostel adventure along with the North American foundation HYF (Himalayan Youth Foundation) with its headquarters in Florida and the Nepalese foundation HCF (Himalayan Children's Foundation).

HCF manages the Hostel on-site and makes sure that the environment is welcoming. It encourages personal contact between the sponsor and the student through letters and emails and through regular updates on how the child is doing in school.

  1. 1Finding orphan, poor and homeless children in the more remote mountainous areas of Nepal and providing them with a high level of education in Kathmandu.
  2. 2Arranging protection and support for the children in a home run by HCF.
  3. 3Providing medical and general support for the children.
  4. 4Offering them training so that they become self-sufficient.
  5. 5Giving them classes in different arts and music.
  6. 6Committing the young person to a minimum of one year's community service in the town they come from once their education has been completed.

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