Sponsor a child from the Kailash Hostel

Kailash Hostel is an ongoing project and is constantly seeking funds, so it has an active sponsorship campaign.

The Kailash Hostel project currently sponsors 97 boys and 11 girls, and pays for their private education in Kathmandu.

· The sponsorship costs $1,600 each year, which pays for the living and education costs of a child with no family support. They are generally boys and girls who are orphans, semi-orphans and poor.

· The sponsor must commit to a minimum period of 6 years, renewable, to cover the elementary and secondary education of the child. If for any reason the sponsorship ends early, Edurne Pasaban MHF undertakes to look for an alternative sponsor and, if no alternative is found, to assume the financing of the rest of the child's education.

· The sponsorship includes the initial costs of transporting the child to Kathmandu, the school fees, accommodation during the school term and the holidays, school materials, health care and living costs.

· Sponsors receive regular updates about the child they have sponsored, from both the school and the Foundation. To make the support more personal, the foundation encourages contact between the child and the sponsor, through either letters or visits if the sponsor is in Kathmandu for any reason.

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The Kailash Hostel

It is funded entirely by contributions from sponsors. Help us to grow the project and find new sponsors for the children of the Himalayas.

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