A fusion between a conference, outdoor training and a teambuilding session.

The format simulates an outdoor expedition on which each camp is presented with a challenge.

An innovative format which breaks with:

THE SPACE: the session takes place in direct contact with nature. The conference is moved outside of the room or auditorium.
THE ROLE OF THE AUDIENCE: shifts from passive to active via their participation in the resolution of outdoor exercises and challenges, enabling the discovery of transformative learning linked to the messages contained in the conference and / or the reality of the participants day-to-day life in their companies.

PROXIMITY DURING THE CONFERENCE: It is more personal, close and exclusive as participants walk alongside Edurne on their journey from exercise to exercise.

This session lasts for half a day and is aimed at natural teams of between 8 and 24 people.

Themes that can be selected:

  • Passion and purpose
  • Change (adaptation, resilience and uncertainty)
  • The power of attitudes
  • Leadership and influence
  • Shared vision
  • High performance teams

This format has been developed in collaboration with Humanside, an expert company in the design and execution of experiential learning programs.