14 eight-thousanders

Gasherbrum I

8.068 m

“«These two expeditions were incredible. We climbed both with barely a week in between. This was the first time that I had embarked on a joint expedition with a woman and a great friend, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner Gasherbrum I is a complicated mountain which proved to be far more challenging that its sister Gasherbrum II.”

Third eight-thousander of 2003

Ranking: 11 Elevation: 8.068 m
First conquered: By an American expedition on the 5th of July 1958 led by Nick Clinch. Pete Schoening and Andy Kauffman reached the summit.

The fifth peak of the Karakorum (K5) was the last one chosen by Pasaban to round off 2003, a year of successes for the Gipuzkoan, with three ‘eight-thousanders’.



Gasherbrum I was given the name K5 (the fifth peak of the Karakorum) by T.G. Montgomerie in 1856 when he saw the peaks of the Karakorum Mountain range for the first time. William Martin Conway gave it another name, ‘Hidden Peak’, in reference to its extreme remoteness.


Summit climbed by Edurne Pasaban on the 26th of July 2003.