14 eight-thousanders


8.156 m

“I have good memories of Manaslu, despite the fact that it snowed throughout the whole expedition. Technically it’s not complicated, with a beautiful approach trek, but care must be taken as it’s a dangerous mountain. It was very good to us in the end. We reached the summit and descended to base camp in the same day.”

Closer to the 14

Ranking: 8 Elevation: 8.156 m
First conquered: on the 9th of May 1956 by Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu, part of a Japanese expedition.

With ten ‘eight-thousanders’ under her belt, the dream of completing the 14 was ever closer and Pasaban went for her eleventh summit in October 2008. A mountain characterised by its bad weather, Manaslu honoured this tradition and received the expedition with intense cold and strong winds. The mountaineer finally reached the summit on the 5th of October, alongside Alex Chicón, Asier Izaguirre, Mikel Zabalza, Ester Sabadel, Ferrán Latorre and Juanjo Garra.

Manaslu, also known as ‘Kutang’, is the eigth highest mountain in the world and is situated in the Himalayan Mountain range in Nepal. The name Manaslu comes from the word ‘manas’, which means ‘mind’ in Sanskrit.

Manaslu is characterised by its bad weather, and the risks are higher than on other mountains. The statistics for fatalities here are much higher than those of Everest, for example. Approximately one out of eight climbers who reach the Summit of Everest die, whereas on Manaslu the ratio is three to one.

Summit climbed by Edurne Pasaban on the 5th of October 2008.