14 eight-thousanders

Gasherbrum II

8.035 m

“The expeditions to Gasherbrum I and II were incredible. We climbed them with barely a week in between. This was the first time that I had embarked on a joint expedition with a woman and a great friend, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner.”

Summit of de Edurne and Gerlinde

Ranking: 13 Elevation: 8.035 m
First conquered: Took place in 1956 by an expedition from the Austrian Himalayas Society made up of Sepp Larch, Fritz Moravec and Hans Willempart (Southwest ridge).

Situated in Pakistan, Gasherbrum 22 (also known as K4) is one of the most accessible eight-thousanders. Only Everest and Cho Oyu have recorded more ascents. It was climbed by Pasaban in 2003.



It is the thirteenth highest mountain in the world. The name Gasherbrum comes from the Balti ‘Rgasha brum’ which means ‘beautiful mountain’.

Summit climbed by Edurne Pasaban on the 19thJuly 2003.